The Excellent Raw Milk

Dengchuan town in Yunnan province of China, far away from pollution, enjoys the unique plateau climate with the moderate temperature during the whole year, which achieves the Naturality, Purity, Sunshine and Fragrant Single Drop of Diequan Dairys series of products.


At present, Diequan has 44 matured mechanized milking stations, 6 contracted farms as well as 8 large-scale contracted farms, adopting the intensified and standardized management model to regulate such stations and farms so as to achieve standardized feeding and 100% mechanized milking. The owned farms were designed to employ the global advanced methods such as loose-hurdling, TMR, fully automatic milking and fecal treatment. On the premise of dairy cows healthy feeding and security, the farm construction follows the design concepts such as ecologicalization, modernization as well as profitization, gathering together the design spirits of numerous domestic and overseas farms with the dairy cows as the core, focusing on shaping the ecological and organic dairy farm under the integration of exemplary, functional and sustainable effects. As a result, international advanced levels are met such as farm construction, dairy cows feeding and selection of dairy cows.

The Top R&D Team

R&D center of New Hope Dairy is located in Chengdu, China with an innovative center in Shanghai. R&D team is composed of about 150 experts and technicians in 4 research institutes, doing researches on dairy technologies systematically. The company has taken and practiced a lot of research projects respectively on national level, provincial level and municipal level, working with domestic and overseas research institutes, having been entitled 12 scientific and technological progressive awards, and issued 56 scientific papers.


In the meantime, the company, together with famous universities such as Sichuan Agricultural University and Sichuan University, established Sichuan Dairy Project Technology Research Center and Sichuan Dairy Technology Industrial Innovative Union. Additionally, good collaborative relationship are established with scientific institutes and Universities such as Food Supervision and Inspection Center of National Health Department, Inspection Center of National Dairy Products, Biological Research Agency of Chinese Academy of Science, Subtropical Zone Research Agency of Chinese Academy of Science, Husbandry Agency of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Harbin Institutes of Technology and Northeast Agricultural University. As far as international cooperation is concerned, New Hope Dairy conducted comprehensive technological communication and cooperation with foreign institutes from dairy sector, having launched jointed researches respectively with New Zealand Royal Agricultural Academy and Australian Science and Industry Research Organization. In the course of domestic and overseas cooperation and communication regarding to production, study and research, New Hope Dairy has gained reliable technological support and talent training, injecting strong momentum into technological innovation and reinforcing the corporate core competitiveness greatly.  


Diequans research center is the branch of New Hope Dairys in Dali. Adhering to the research concepts of New Hope Dairy including Doing the different, Doing the invulgar and Doing the uneasyDiequan’s research center pays enough attention to technological innovation to have developed a lot of innovative work, gained rapid self-development and strong core competitiveness and become the innovative herald in dairy sector, by employing Yunnan local special resources, by focusing on core technology, by enhancing production, study and research cooperation, with the guide to meet the customers potential demands and making the products perfect continuously as the R&D core. The company invests more than 3% of sales revenue into R&D every year, having accomplished over 100 creative projects successively, having converted over 20 projects successfully, and having opened up multiple No.1 in Chinese dairy sector including Banana Milk, Extra Thick Pure Milk, The Cloud Time and Icecream Yoghourt. On the basis of developing new products, the center has also done the elementary researches such as formulating the bacteria and additives and designing new methods, having established high-level research platform such as Academician Workstation, Provincial Technological Center as well as Yunnan Dairy Scientific and Technological Union Membership.  

The State-of-The-Art Equipment

Diequan Dairy introduced the State-of-The-Art equipment from Germany, Denmark, Netherland and Sweden into liquid milk workshops, achieving channelization, automation, obturation as well as standardization so as to provide guarantee for excellence and security of Diequan Dairys products.


With regard to milk powder, the factories gather together technologies and equipment from about 10 countries, about 10 patents and the intelligence of top 10 suppliers. As a result, the international production level is satisfied, providing guarantee for the safer, the more nutritious and the cleaner production so as to become the pioneer production base of adult milk powder all over China. The checking devices are mostly from the advanced international manufacturers of checking devices such as FOSS and Agilent, which are the highest level and top level among Yunnan dairy manufacturers.  

The First Level Management System

Diequan Dairy was awarded ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, HALAL, Famous Trademark in Yunnan, High-tech Enterprise in Yunnan and Trusted System of Yunnan Enterprise Technology Center and so on. Base on the self-development, the company has integrated and optimized different management systems including dairy fine operational standards, quality, environment, food security, risks and trusted systems, simultaneously propelling VF project. Therefore, a high efficient and safe management model has come into being including raw milk management, supplier management, R&D, control of production processes, quality management as well as customer communication.